Aliens have invaded Earth!!!

It’s official, aliens have successfully invaded and taken over Earth. At least that is what I heard on the radio…

This project was a lot of fun even though it was a little corny. We wanted to mimic the original radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds” directed by Orson Welles. I don’t think we could ever come close to the acting jobs of that broadcast or get the same acclaim that it received. Nonetheless, I believe we did an excellent job considering our limited acting experience. The radio is most certainly a powerful tool and we can absolutely see that by looking back over its history. However, the radio we must never forget that it is mainly for our entertainment. That is its true core and foundation. The spread of information through this type of media has lasted and will last much longer than many will ever believe.

We were able to write out a script and do the production all at once. Thanks to Andy Rush, we were able to use a real micro, not that any other mic is less real than the other. However, I do wish we could have used the sound booth in the ITCC, but we can save that for another project I guess. After getting the giggles out, it only took one or two attempts to record for each part of the script. Alls was left to do was put in some pretty hefty sound effects to overcompensate for our acting capabilities.

The editing was the funnest part for me simply because I truly am at peace when I edit anything from an audio clip to a photograph. Putting in some cheesy opening news broadcast music just put the cherry on top. It only took a little over an hour to edit the clips and put in all the sound effects using Garageband. We were able to find all of the sound effects from It’s a great place to find free sounds and random music you can fairly use.

I hope you enjoyed our little show for your entertainment.

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