A Radio Week

This past week we learned about the use of radio and how it has impacted our own lives. I have to say I did not know much about the early development of radio operations and it still difficult to comprehend how the whole system works. Additionally, we learned about the use of propaganda from the United States to all the way in Europe. Though I do wish we could have a deeper discussion about the development of propaganda and where it all began. I think there still many unanswered questions that we did not ask and we never covered where we believed propaganda is headed in the future. The activities for this past week have been surprisingly a lot of fun. The game show type activity showed us the limitation of radio because of only using audio as a way to communicate. However, though this activity was a lot fun to conduct I think failed in actually proving the limitations in radio. For one thing we never discussed the limitations of the radio and how much infrastructure must be used to just have them operate. Nor did we discuss how the radio still impacts us today.

The second activity we did on Thursday consisted of remembering old television ads from our childhood and reflecting on their substantial impact. This activity actually made for some pretty interesting conversation even if most of it led to discussing Apple new iPhone 6. Just being able to recall so many commercials from my childhood really showed me how much of an impact they actually had on my life. Though advertisements and propaganda are two different things with two different outcomes they both deploy the same methods in impacting their audience enough to essentially control their thought process. I do wish, however, that we could have discussed earlier uses of propaganda as I always find it very fascinating. Also it would have been nice to have more time to discuss the notion that Americans are becoming more immune to propaganda and ads. That notion struck me and I think further discussion should be placed on the topic.

Lastly, we were assigned to record our own radio broadcast with our groups. Though I will wait for my next post to share it with the class I can assure you that it is quite hilarious. I can also say that it does have some great historical significance with it even though it based around science fiction. Alls I can say is that radio is/was a very powerful tool.

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